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We are Maplrs: the firstCanadian Tech Community

We are information technology specialists driven by the desire to bring you our expertise, our smiles and our services for your digital project.

✔️ A team of Maplrs for your ambitious project
✔️ Specialists for all stages of your project
✔️ Take advantage of motivated teams and the incredible Maplr mindset!


Our services

In any case, the strength of Maplrs will be there to help you on your most ambitious digital projects!

Advice and coaching

The Maplr Core Team (our community of experts) is mobilized to meet your development and growth challenges.

We can support you through all the stages of your project.



A custom team of Maplrs is assembled to carry out your biggest projects.

We collaborate hand in hand for the fulfillment of your digital projects.



Do you want to recruit new employees internally?

Maplr helps you find the right expert to join your team.

They already trust us

And soon, it will be you, for all your great projects!

What we do (and do very well)

Our 5 areas of expertise cover all stages of your project.


We support you in the conception and design of your digital solutions.


We develop tailor-made solutions according to your needs.


We help you optimize your infrastructure and the whole environment.

Steering & Agility

We put the best practices in place tooptimize your projects.


Our team of Maplrs helps you put Data at the heart of your strategic decisions.


Our mindset:
we are Happy Doers!

We have a joy for life and a communicative passion!

Our passion: tech and sharing.

We challenge ourselves, we learn and we love innovation. We want to have a positive impact on your projects while maintaining a quality approach. 

Maplr is not just another company


We support companies in their digital transformation with our innovative approach based on a strong culture: the Maplr culture.

Maplrs will always be there for you, with services for digital projects, in consulting or via our software development service: Delivery.


The culture of a Canadian startup 🍁

Maplr a Quebec-based company, founded in 2019 by two tech entrepreneurs: Maxime and Marion.

In an effort to provide Canada with economic support to address the shortage of local developers, Maplr has become the standard for international Tech mobility.

Collaborating with Maplr means supporting Quebec entrepreneurial initiatives!

Like a software development company, only better 🚀

We are specialized in the latest web / mobile technologies and our mindset will give a fresh look to your Tech projects.

We are passionate about helping you with your digital projects!

Maplrs are specialists in their field. Calling on us allows you to have the best tech talents at the service of your project!

Maplrs are here for you!

Maplr is the most beautiful Tech community in Canada, so yes, it's a lot of coffee and lines of code.


lines of code





customer service



lines of code





customer service


Having a Maplr in your team means :

Collaborate with the
best Tech companies

Our recruitment process allows us to select the best international tech talent for the Canadian market.


An innovation boost
for your team

Our Maplrs are passionate about innovation and full of energy for your projects and your teams!

Customized support

An Account Manager will be dedicated to you and will be able to support you on all your growth issues.

A Maplr in your team?
A real competitive advantage!


The Maplrs are a close-knit community of techies who have all experienced the adventure of expatriation. They are open-minded, motivated and experts in their field.

You have an IT project?
You need reinforcements?

Leave us your contact information, we will get back to you and see how Maplr can help you!