Relocation to Quebec: everything you need to know to estimate your budget

You are planning an expatriation to Quebec in the next few weeks, but you are unable to estimate a budget to anticipate the costs related to your immigration to Quebec? First of all, you should know that we have written an article on the cost of living in Montreal which will help you estimate your expenses and the cost of living in Quebec.

Here, we will help you plan your budget for your expatriation to Quebec and allow you to anticipate financially your first month in the beautiful province?

The estimated budget here includes expenses related to health restrictions linked to COVID (hotel and Airbnb...). We will update this information if these measures change.

The budget needed for an expatriation to Quebec

The cost of the work permit and biometric data

If you are part of the IEC program (International Experience Canada: WHP), you will have to pay a certain amount of money to complete your registration and obtain your work permit for Canada.

All EIC participants must pay :

  • 156 work permitparticipation fee
  • 85 for biometric data
  • 100: for WHV only, corresponding to the open work permit fee

That's a total of about $341 or 235€.

Displacement for biometric data

Once you have received the letter of instruction, you will need to carry out the collection of biometric data at a Visa Application Centre (VAC). There are two centres in France: one in Paris and the other in Lyon. You just have to make an appointment here. Here are also the addresses of Lyon and Paris.It would therefore be wise to include the price of the train or plane ticket in your budget for expatriation to Quebec.

We will count approximately 100 € for a round trip to perform the biometric data.

Compulsory travel insurance: take advantage of the offer from our partner PVTistes

If you are expatriating under the IEC (International Experience Canada) program you will be required to take out private insurance for the duration of your work permit (two years if you are French and one year if you are Belgian).

There are several insurance companies that can offer you their services, but we advise you to use GlobePVT via the exclusive pvt discount.

This will cost you approximately 712 € for the two years of your work permit in Canada.


Budget: airfare for your expatriation to Quebec

As far as the airfare is concerned, we recommend that you compare the fares between each company. 

Please note: Weekend rates are generally more expensive than during the week. There is also a price increase during the summer period and at the end of the year.

If you have two suitcases in the holdyou will need to pay 80 € more in your budget (per suitcase).

On average, and excluding the global pandemic, a single ticket from Paris to Montreal costs approximately 450 € (between 350 € and 600 € depending on the period).

The Maplrs' Council


"Even if you want to take a one-way ticket to Canada as part of your expatriation, look at the rates for round-trip tickets! They are sometimes more advantageous..."

Co-founder & Head Of Community, Maplr


Reason n°2 - Moving to Quebec with the Maplr community

Your expatriation budget: accommodation for the first month in Quebec

You may opt for temporary accommodation, such as an Airbnb, to give you time to find longer-term accommodation.

The price of accommodation depends of course on the neighbourhood. For example, a private flat on the Plateau Mont-Royal will cost you an average of $135/night. While a unit in Hochelaga will cost you $73/night. If you want to better target and understand the neighbourhoods, we have written a complete article on neighbourhoods in Montreal.

In Montreal, generally speaking, it costs 110 for a night in a private residence and 49 for a single room in a private home.

For a 28-day stay at $73 per night, thecost would be $. This is an estimate as you have to add taxes and cleaning costs for the accommodation. However, most Airbnb companies offer a discounted rate for long-term rentals. In order to give you an accurate estimate, we consider that a month's rental will cost you about $2000 or 1300 €.

Budget for your expatriation to Quebec: shopping

In our article the cost of living in Montreal we explain that you can expect to pay 350 per month for groceries in Montreal. However, the imposed quarantine will force you to order your meals online for the 11 days following your departure from the hotel. You can have meals delivered to you, or you can have your groceries delivered directly. These services are offered by most restaurants and supermarkets in the city.

This delivery will have an additional cost, so we recommend that you allow 500 worth of groceries for the first month, or about €350.

Marion's advice


"Use the CornerShop app and enjoy free delivery on your first three orders. In less than 2 hours you will be delivered by a "private individual" for different brands (Metro, Jean Coutu, Canadian Tire...)."

Co-founder & Head Of Community, Maplr

Your expatriation budget in Quebec: arriving during winter

If you arrive during the winter season, you will certainly have jumpers, a scarf and a hat with you. Nevertheless, your usual winter coat in France will certainly not be enough to cover you properly in Quebec from January to March. You will therefore need to budget a little extra.

If you have read our tips for surviving winter in Quebec, you will have seen that we advise you to buy your winter equipment (coat and shoes) once you are in Quebec, as the prices are generally more affordable than in France.

For a winter coat, prices vary depending on the brand and the residence of the textile. You should expect to pay around $300, or 200 € for a decent coat.

You will also find very technical or luxury coats at over $1000?

For winter shoes, waterproof and with a grip sole, count $100, which is 70 €.

If you're part of the Maplr community, we'll take care of the hat and hoodie!


Budget summary for an expatriation to Quebec


Cost of EIC work permit (JP or PVT) 235€
Transport for biometric data 100€
Travel insurance (tax return possible) 712€
One-way air ticket (reimbursed by Maplr) 450€
Food for one month 350€
Airbnb for a month 1300€ 
TOTAL Budget for the first month

3 147€

⚠️ As a reminder, when you pass through customs, you must also be in possession ofa proof of funds in the amount of $2500 (or about €1700) .Because of this, we advise you to bring about €5000 in total to be comfortable when you arrive in Canada.

Expatriating as a couple to Quebec: costs for the spouse

If you are accompanied by your spouse, he/she will also have to pay some fees for his/her immigration application.

It will be necessary to count :

  • 255 for her application for an open work permit;
  • 85 for its biometric data (no travel required, as the bio data is given at the airport);
  • 7 for its AVE.

As well as all the costs mentioned above: Insurance, airfare, etc.

How to optimize the cost of settling in Quebec for your expatriation and reduce your budget?

Expatriation and settling in a new country is often financially complex, here are our tips to optimise your costs:

Join the Maplr Core Team

To help you get settled, Maplr will reimburse the airfare for people joining the Maplr Core Team and will offer you a $1000 installation bonus!

Deduct the cost of your travel insurance from your taxes 

Did you know that in Canada, you can deduct the cost of your travel insurance (Chapka) as well as your non-reimbursed health expenses from your first taxes in Quebec? So yes, you will have to pay a little for your expatriation in Quebec, but you will be reimbursed when you file your first tax return in Quebec as a tax refund!

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