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You are a software developer wishing to work in Canada and particularly in Montreal? Here is our salary simulator for a developer in Canada.

One of the questions frequently asked before considering an immigration project is: what salary should I expect as an IT developer?

At Maplr, we help you evaluate your salary with our "salary simulator".

This calculation is based on your role and experience as a computer specialist in Montreal.

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Salary simulator for a developer in Montreal in 2024


Salary of IT developers in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The average annual salary for Computer Developer jobs in Canada (Quebec) is $72,500 (or $37.18 per hour).

The average salary for computer developers in Canada ranges from $57,500 for entry-level positions to $80,000 for the most experienced workers.

Source : Neuvoo

Quality of life and salary of a software developer in Canada

The cost of living is affordable in Canada and will allow you to live well on a computer developer's salary.

Many expatriate IT developers in Canada have told us that their quality of life has increased considerably, as Mathias explains.

To learn more, check out our complete sample budget on our special article on the cost of living in Montreal.


What tech/position has the best salary as a Tech in Canada?


Freelance computer developer salary in Canada

The IT market is booming in Canada and many qualified developers are in demand.
As a newcomer, your work permit will not allow you to start a freelance activity (except in exceptional cases).

After gaining experience in the Canadian job market and if your new work permit allows it, it will be possible to start a freelance job which could increase your income potential. We can help you in this process of switching to freelance projects.


Salary of computer developers in Canada

Are you a Fullstack, Devops or Backend developer or IT professional?

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