A successful expatriation: developers in Canada, they are part of the Maplrs family ❤️

At Maplr, we help you accomplish your dream of expatriation, becoming a developer, in Canada, whether you are alone, in couple or in family and we guide you from A to Z so that everything goes well.

Discover the interviews and testimonies of Maplrs expatriates in Canada.

You will be able to discover all the different profiles that we have accompanied, with their history and their experience of expatriation.


The Maplrs developers' expatriation experience in Canada!

Alone, as a couple or as a family, we will help you live the expatriation experience in Canada.

Like Anthony, Corentin and Caroline, make the choice of a new life for a new adventure.

With Maplr, you are accompanied from A to Z on your expatriation project, you have access to all our advice, to our expat community to get help on all subjects!

The opinions of Maplrs

Like Mathias, Gauthier and Arthur, join the Maplr family and become part of a community of enthusiasts.



Web Developer

"Maplr's support throughout the process has greatly simplified things, both materially and psychologically: it really helps to be more serene to be well supported! "



.NET Developer

"The community, with everyone's experience, allows us to have all the answers! The community is the big plus of Maplr! "



Java/Kotlin Developer

"Maplr has given me a lot of support in the social aspect. People who live the same experience as me and with whom we go to bars, escape-games and cottages in the area. The Maplr community is a big part of my life in Montreal now! "