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IT Consulting

Rely on our community of international IT experts to add value and meet your business technology challenges.


Custom software development and AI

Explore our dedicated division, Mia Innovation, which specializes in custom software development and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to support companies in their quest for growth by harnessing the potential of our exceptional community of IT and AI experts. Discover how we can turn your vision into reality.

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International recruitment

Access a global talent pool: Thanks to our international recruitment expertise, we have access to a vast network of qualified professionals from all corners of the globe. We can find the best candidates for your specific needs, taking into account their skills, experience and cultural fit.


We create the technological solutions of tomorrow

At Maplr, we're passionate about creating the digital solutions of tomorrow. We push the boundaries of technological innovation to bring you customized, cutting-edge solutions that keep you at the forefront of your industry.

In collaboration with our community of IT experts, we turn your ideas into reality, developing customized digital solutions that meet your company's specific needs. Whether you need a mobile app, enterprise software or an online platform, we have the expertise and creativity to design solutions that exceed your expectations.

Our community of IT experts will support you in your most ambitious projects

We are tech enthusiasts form all around the world.

Our passion for innovation makes us eager to learn and share around technologie. We wish to have a positive impact on your projects while maintaining a quality approach.
Working with us means having the best international tech talents dedicated on your projects.

Why should you trust us with you project?


We are happy doers

Our joie de vivre and passion are infectious!

We aim to make a positive impact by guaranteeing a quality approach. We challenge ourselves, learn continuously and encourage innovation.


We are located in Montreal

Based in Montreal, we're top IT talent from Europe, determined to make a long-term life for ourselves in Canada. Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding human and professional experience. We are highly motivated by the success of your projects, and our commitment is total.


We specialize in the latest technologies

Our optimized software development methods and agile approaches enable you to reduce project delivery times, accelerate product time-to-market and minimize costly delays. We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies that automate repetitive processes, reduce human error and increase the overall efficiency of your operations.


IT Talent Available


Achieved projects

We are your technological partner for all your digital projects


We build quality and scalable softwares

From strategy, to development and through design, our multidisciplinary team adopts the best software engineering practices to propel your ideas.


Our passion is dedicated to your project

Custom Web Application Development

We put together a bespoke team to work with your in-house teams to deliver your project from A to Z. Our personalized approach guarantees perfect cohesion and outstanding results.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development holds no secrets for us. Whether you're looking for a native or cross-platform mobile application, we're proud to put our mobile expertise at your disposal to realize your vision with excellence.

Refactoring and Innovation

Need a boost of innovation in your existing software development project? Call on our expertise for a modern, customized redesign, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our skills dedicated to your projects

Our broad range of knowledge and skills includes up-to-date technology platforms and languages to ensure that every qualified software development project is built.

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At the core of our technology stack are JavaScript (Angular, React, Node.js), Node, C# and Java on the backend, some native mobile languages like  Kotlin, Swift and multi-plateform frameworks  (React Native, Flutter).

The steps to creating your project


Strategy & Conception

We accompany you from A to Z from the strategy to the conception through the design of your digital solutions. Our teams are specialized and here to guide you.


Development & Quality

and the highest quality standards.


Deployment / Infra

We take care of the deployment and management of your infrastructure and of your solutions, whether they are hosted internally or with a cloud partner



After deployment, we are here to ensure the maintainability and support of your applications in production.

The Maplr Lab: Our catalyst for your custom software of tomorrow



Our Lab is a catalyst for innovative projects. Our Maplrs are trained in the latest technologies and we transform your ideas into custom-made softwares. We also take care of your subventions & funding requests to fully support you.


We take over your existing projects to give them a boost of ideas and innovation. Whether it is a redesign, or a software optimization, we are here and determined to support you in this project!

Agile team

We work in an agile way and our working method allows us to involve you in all stages of the project and even more! You will have the 360 degree ​​view of the project and the possibility of adjusting your requests at each stage.


Our Maplrs are trained in the latest security developments in banking and finance. Your data is in good hands!


Our code is clean, documented and meets the latest requirements for clean code and modern custom-made software architecture.


Communication and transparency are important steps in the project's success, and it is part of our values ​​at Maplr! 

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