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In a world where innovation is key, standing out means not only being better, but also being unique, competitive and distinctive. That's where your applications, platforms and software development come in - they should embody these very qualities.

At Maplr, we understand that every business is unique and deserves software solutions that perfectly meet its specific needs. That's why we specialize in creating fully customized software, focusing on delivering innovative solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

With the global technological expertise of our Canadian-based IT specialists at your disposal, now is the time to take your business to new heights. 

Rest assured, we're with you every step of the way. Ready to take the decisive step towards your company's future? 


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A community of passionate IT experts for ambitious projects

As technology enthusiasts from the four corners of the globe, we're constantly on the lookout for innovation. Our commitment is to make a positive impact on your projects through a superior approach. When you call on us, you benefit from the best international technological talent at the service of your project!

Together, we turn your ideas into reality, pushing back the boundaries of technological innovation to achieve outstanding results.


Entrust us with your custom software development project

At Maplr, transparency and open communication are at the heart of our working approach. We believe in working closely with our customers, regularly sharing progress, actively soliciting feedback and keeping them informed of project progress. You're involved every step of the way, ensuring that the final solution perfectly matches your expectations.

What's more, our downtown offices are open to all. Come and meet us and discover how our commitment to transparency, communication and your success make Maplr the ideal partner for your custom software development projects.


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We are your technological partner for all your digital projects


We build quality, scalable software

We specialize in in the development of customized creating unique solutions tailored to your specific needs. From strategy to design to development, our multidisciplinary team applies software engineering best practices to propel your ideas to new horizons.


Our passion is dedicated to your project

Custom Web Application Development

We put together a bespoke team to work with your in-house teams to deliver your project from A to Z. Our personalized approach guarantees perfect cohesion and outstanding results.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development holds no secrets for us. Whether you're looking for a native or cross-platform mobile application, we're proud to put our mobile expertise at your disposal to realize your vision with excellence.

Refactoring and Innovation

Need a boost of innovation in your existing software development project? Call on our expertise for a modern, customized redesign, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our skills for your software development projects

With our in-depth expertise in cutting-edge technological platforms and languages, we guarantee to build each qualified project with meticulous attention to detail.

custom software technologies canada

At the heart of our technology stack are powerful technologies such as JavaScript (Angular, React, Node.js), Node, C# and Java for the backend, as well as native languages for mobile development such as Kotlin and Swift, not forgetting cross-platform frameworks such as React Native and Flutter.

The steps to creating your project


Strategy & Conception

We support you from A to Z in custom software development, from strategy to design, for your digital solutions. Our specialized, experienced teams are there to guide you, guaranteeing high-quality, tailor-made results.


Development & Quality

We develop your tailor-made solution using the latest technologies and the highest quality standards, in line with your specific needs. Our commitment is to create a solution entirely tailored to your business, offering an optimal experience thanks to our expertise and constant focus on excellence.


Deployment / Infra

We take care of deploying and managing the infrastructure of your solutions, whether they're hosted in-house or in a cloud environment with partners. You can rely on us to ensure efficient implementation and optimal management of your infrastructure, so that you can concentrate on your core business.



After deployment, we remain on hand to guarantee the maintainability and support of your applications in production. Our dedicated team is there to provide you with continuous monitoring, updates and high-quality technical support, ensuring the stability and smooth running of your applications throughout their lifecycle.

Agile methodology

We are committed to agile methodology for the development of custom software projects. By adopting this collaborative, iterative approach, we ensure maximum flexibility, greater transparency and rapid, high-quality results throughout the development process.