6 good reasons to move to Quebec

Do you want to experience an international experience?

You're looking at Canada, but you don't know which province suits you best.Canada is very large and consists of 13 provinces and territories. The beautiful province attracts many expatriates every year.That's why we've put together 6 good reasons to move to Quebec ! If you are thinking about your project, here are some reasons to convince you that Quebec is made for you ?

Reason #1 - Moving to Quebec for the scenery

The province of Quebec is full of splendid landscapes to discover. Half of Quebec is covered by forest. There are 29 national parks in Quebec (Parks Sépaq) and 3 national parks of Canada (Parks Canada) in Quebec.

Quebec is a very large region, but you don't have to go too far to visit the parks. Here are the national parks you can explore within 2 hours of Montreal :

  • Oka National Park
  • Îles-De-Boucherville National Park
  • Mont Saint-Bruno National Park.
  • Yamaska National Park
  • Mount Orford National Park
  • Mont-Tremblant National Park
  • Plaisance National Park

The national parks, which you can locate via this tool, are to be explored all year round for their diversified landscapes, in each season, you will rediscover these great spaces.

  • ☀️ During the beautiful days, you can enjoy the sunshine and swim in the lakes, kayak, canoe and even barbecue in the facilities provided!
  • 🍁 In the fall, put on your hiking boots to climb the peaks and witness a breathtaking view, the red-orange colors are exceptional! 
  • ❄️ In the winter, ski down the slopes or snowshoe through the snowy trees.

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My favorite? Forillon Park, located in the north in the Gaspé Peninsula. A magnificent sight especially in summer.

International Tech Recruiter, Maplr


There are also 13 wildlife parks in Quebec. These are protected areas where you can meet wild animals typical of the region.

The Omega Parklocated 1h30 from Montrealis one of them. It is easily accessible and you can drive around while observing wolves, foxes, deer, bears, beavers and bison.


Reason n°2 - Moving to Quebec with the Maplr community

Maplr was created in Montreal and our community is currently concentrated in Montreal and Quebec City! What is the Maplr community?

  • A network of people who have the same background as you and who work in tech.
  • Your first network of friends to go out for drinks and travel with
  • Maplrs who advise and help you from the moment you arrive and answer all your questions (finding accommodation, insurance, taking your driving licence, etc.)

Reason n°3 - Expatriate to Quebec: the only French-speaking province in North America

As a Francophone, living in Quebec is a considerable advantage in finding a job and adapting to the country.

From time to time, it is normal to feel nostalgic when living in a foreign country. Having the chance to speak your native language is a comfort?Montreal is a perfect fit for people who want to live in a bilingual environment where it is easy to learn English and still have the comfort of French.

Quebec City is predominantly French-speaking. Nevertheless, in Quebec, you will find many companies where both languages are spoken fluently, especially in Montreal. 

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Reason n°4 - Moving to Quebec for its proximity to Europe and the American border

Quebec is one of the easternmost provinces in Canada. This is an important argument, because it means that youare close to Europe! This is a point that you don't necessarily think about when you leave, but if you want to enjoy the Christmas holidays in Europe with your family, it's a real plus!

Montreal International Airport (YUL) is easily accessible from downtown by public transportation (about 30 minutes). Paris is then only 6 hours away as the crow flies from Montreal.

For those who prefer to discover USA, Montreal is only 1 hour from the US border by car and 6:30 from New York.

People in need of sunshine will appreciate the proximity to Latin American countries (Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic...)?A habit that many Quebecers have taken up during the month of February is to take a sunny break during the winter ☀️

Reason n°5 - Expatriating to Quebec means finding a multicultural environment

Quebec is a very coveted province. It is a land welcoming to many expatriates from all over the world. This is particularly true in Montreal ! It is a a cosmopolitan city and many of its inhabitants are bilingual.

One of the advantages of this diversity is in the shops. Are you French and miss certain brands? There are local shops that sell Gruyère President orOasis (do we know you well!)?

Would you like to know these secret locations? We will be happy to tell you our references when we meet!


Reason #6 - Quebec-style family life

For a number of reasons, Quebec is an ideal province for families moving to Canada. First of all, there are many schools in Montreal and the region being French-speaking, but predominantly bilingual in the metropolis, it is interesting to note that many offer advanced language programs and your children will have much more facility in English for example?

Day care centres offer services in both official languages and sometimes even in other languages (Spanish, Arabic, Italian, etc.). In this way, children are immersed in a multicultural environment from an early age.

On weekends, you will have the opportunity to go on beautiful family walks in the many parks mentioned above. ⛰️

In addition, Canada was elected in the US News & World Report's Best Countries ranking. This ranking is based on health, education, labour market, economic stability, social justice...

You are convinced and you are going to expatriate to Quebec? Check out our Top 10 reasons to live in Montreal!

If you are still unsure, we are currently developing Maplr in Toronto and soon Vancouver?

You want to take off for Quebec? Contact us!

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