The world is our playground

Join a community of passionate techies to create the world of work of tomorrow.

Maplr: an international human adventure

Maplr was born out of a desire to enable French-speaking Techs from all over the world to experience life abroad simply and serenely.

Based on this desire, we have created a support programme based on transparency and benevolence while strengthening the collective dimension. Since its creation in 2019, Maplr has accompanied more than a hundred people in their life projects in Canada.

Based on this first experience, we want to offer a new and innovative way of working that allows you to take part in the most exciting projects selected by our community. exciting projects selected by our community.

The services offered by Maplr 

Depending on your wishes, there are two possibilities:

Maplr Core Team

You will join our in-house team (the Maplr Core Team) to work on exciting digital projects and, above all, to build tomorrow's world of work together by putting the collective dimensionfirst.

We only work on Canadian projects with a working environment that is validated by our teams, with a focus on transparency and fairness. 

We sponsor your work permit and we accompany you through all the relocation procedures (discover our complete and tailor-made support programme).

Maplr Partners

You will be hired on a permanent contract (equivalent to a permanent contract) by one of our Canadian partner companies with the Maplr label to work on their innovative projects.

A Maplr labelled company is a Canadian company recruiting internationally and sharing our vision of the world of work: human values, working environment and methods, onboarding, innovation, salaries...

The Maplr community will remain available to support you in your project or simply to share good times together.

A community of passionate techies

For us, what makes a company valuable is its ability to bring people together around its vision and values.

The Maplr model is thus based on a strong community bond based on transparency, benevolence and entrepreneurship. This model combines flexible aspects and freedom with the security of a permanent contract . In this sense,we want to strengthen the collective dimension, the feeling of belonging and the pride of undertaking together.

Everyone contributes to the building and the Maplr adventure will be built together. The members of the Core Team take part in the strategic points and propose changes (new project or client, new ideas, new community, etc.).

Maplr is an agile and 100% independent startup that allows us to implement new ideas quickly.

In addition to being a human adventure, Maplr is an entrepreneurial adventure.

Why join the Maplr Core Team?

Transparent and fair remuneration

We are in essence "Open Source": transparency and fairness are part of our values. This is why they are reflected in our model, our working methods and our culture.

The total remuneration is composed of a fixed part and a bonus called "Welcome Pack".

The fixedsalary is determined in a fair way according to our Maplr remuneration board shared with our members. The fixed salary is increased automatically every year, so there is no need to negotiate.

A "Welcome Pack" is also available for each of our members to help them settle in Canada

Our model allows us to restore a fairer balance between members of the same community.

"Alone we go faster, together we go further

To experience group cohesion rather than subordination

Joining a Tech company created by Tech people is also participating in the innovation of the working world. By keeping innovation as a source of inspiration, we wish to bring a new approach to both the human and professional levels via a horizontal hierarchy.

Thus, we give our members full freedom to choose their mandates and to steer their career choices according to their desires and needs, with full knowledge of the impact their decisions will have on their remuneration and benefits. This creates an empowering environment and brings the collective dimensionto the forefront.

"Putting the collective dimension back in the foreground

To live the Maplr experience

At Maplr, we share life moments and incredible adventures together! Maplr events are clearly part of our DNA: meetup, 5@7, weekend at the chalets, Escape Game, technical side project... our community is hyperactive! Joining us means taking part in our events and becoming part of a close-knit, caring family.

MaplrDays" are organised every month to get together to exchange, progress, train or learn a new technology. It can also be an opportunity to simply be together to share a good time.

"Sharing is the fruit of success".

To work anywhere in the world

Initially in Canada, we have the ambition to develop our communities in the biggest cities of the world. We offer a complete relocation package to people wishing to join one of our communities.

Our support allows you to settle serenely in a new country because we help you with all the steps for you and your family (work permit, housing, bank, insurance...). Joining a Maplr community means you can work anywhere in the world and always join a team with the same values.

It also allows you to go and get knowledge from all over the world: from the best technical conferences (in Canada or abroad) or from the best companies.

Join our community and let's create tomorrow's world of work together.

"The world is our playground.

The values of the Maplr community


Crystal Clear

The secret of success is transparency between us and all our partners

Human Centric

We give priority to the human factor and benevolence in all our choices


We are passionate about learning and sharing

Once in a lifetime

Because we only have one life, we might as well live it to the full! We aim very high and everyone contributes to the building.

The co-founders

Maxime SOWEIF - Co-founder

Born in Canada and expatriated in France, my passion for new technologies and entrepreneurship allowed me to return to my native country.

I am passionate about discovering new cultures, new people and new landscapes.

"I am the specialist in poker nights at the Maplr chalets"

Marion FELIX - Co-founder

French expatriate in Canada, web developer and entrepreneur with a passion for tech, I love getting up in the morning to animate the Maplrs community and accompany new people in the realisation of their international dreams.

I love new challenges and learning new things every day.

"I am the pro at fishing trips and taking photos at Maplr chalets". 


Our communities in Canada

And one day everywhere in the world! Take advantage of our free supportfor your relocation project.







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