Cover letter in Canada: how to do it?

Wanting towrite a cover letter for Canada and finding yourself with a blank page. Wouldn't that be the worst feeling? It might be.

If this is your case, don't panic!

We've decided to provide you with a sample cover letter so that you can get inspired to apply for jobs in Canada!

Want to write your cover letter for a developer job in Canada?

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If you're looking for a cover letter template for your job search in Canada, you've come to the right place!

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How to write a cover letter for a job in Canada?

Want to know how to write a cover letter for a job application in Canada?

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First of all, you should know that the cover letter is not subject to any predefined form. It is therefore a document that can be written as you wish, but you must put forward the right information. 

  • If you write one, the cover letter must include certain provisions:
  • Your identity and address on the left side of the letter; 
  • On the right, at the top of the letter, the company's identity; 
  • The date you wrote the e-mail and the city you are in; 
  • Subject line: [Apply for position XXX]; Use appropriate words to have correct language in cover letter from beginning to end; 
  • Your signature.

Tip: A standard cover letter is formatted with text on the front of an A4 sheet of paper in a standard 12-point font (Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, etc.).


How to write a cover letter for a spontaneous application?

The cover letter for an unsolicited application is sometimes easier to write, because the simple fact of applying to a company that has no job offers shows how motivated you are.

However, be sure to explain more about why you are targeting this particular company and what specifically attracts you to it (values, mission, etc.).

To write the most effective cover letter possible, we recommend that you :


  • Demonstrate how your professional background and experiences naturally make you a valuable candidate for this company
  • Emphasize the personality elements that will make you the ideal future employee for this company
  • Highlight the academic (and professional) skills you have developed during your career: France-Canada equivalence of diplomas
  • Anything that would set you apart from other candidates: your language skills, your involvement in associations and activism, etc.

To sum up, a good cover letter for an unsolicited application will be based on these different elements, in a fluid and harmonious writing style, with lively and not too long paragraphs.

What are the polite forms for a cover letter in Quebec?

The politeness of Quebec cover letters is important.

In fact, French is full of formalisms that sometimes seem strange, but it is good to know how to handle them. Therefore, whether you are applying for a job or a training course, it is very important to respect the polite formulas in the cover letter. 

Therefore, there are many polite words used at the end of a cover letter. Below is a non-exhaustive list of polite phrases required in a cover letter:

  • At the beginning of your cover letter: if you don't know the immediate recipient, start with "Mrs., Mr.". If you do know the recipient, start with "Dear Mr. X" or "Dear Ms. X", depending on the gender of the recipient.

  • At the end of your cover letter, you should end your cover letter with: 

Please accept, (Dear Sir/Madam)... 

... my best regards.
... my sincere greetings.
... my best wishes.
... my best regards.


Is the cover letter mandatory?

No, it is not mandatory to include a cover letter with your application.

However, some employers formally require it. In this case, if you do not include a cover letter with your application, it is likely that HR will not even consider you for the position you are applying for.

In general, if you want to get a job, put all the chances on your side and join your application : 

  • An updated, impeccable CV, both in content and form, that highlights your key skills; 
  • A convincing cover letter, without spelling mistakes; 
  • It would be a great asset if you could get a letter of recommendation from a former employer to support your application.

In any case, the cover letter is an excellent way (if you really personalize it according to the position you are applying for) to highlight your profile and show your motivation! 

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