Changing employers with a closed work permit in Canada

In general you need a work permit to work in Canada. In particular, there are temporary closed work permits (young professional, closed work permit with CAQ/EIMT...) that allow you to quickly begin a life experience in Canada.

A closed work permit means that you are bound to a particular employer and that you must work only for that employer for the duration of your work permit.

Nevertheless, in certain cases, a change of employer may be considered. This article will help to clarify and reassure you about the possibility of changing employer with a closed work permit in Canada.

Young Professionals Permit: how do I change employers before arriving in Canada?

For most nationalities (especially the French), you can only participate once in theInternational Experience Canada (IEC) program. So make sure you have the utmost confidence in your future employer, so as not to squander this opportunity. Even if you've already applied in the Young Professionals category, you may be eligible for a second participation if, and only if, you cancel your application before coming to Canada. 

You have already received your letter of introduction to Canada

You've already received your letter of introduction to come to Canada, and your employer has decided to change his or her mind, or is no longer able to offer you the position you're looking for? Your employer will be able to withdraw the job offer posted on the employer portal so that you can obtain a refusal of your application for a young professional permit. The costs incurred in applying for your permit will be automatically reimbursed. You can then submit a new application for a young professional permit through a new employer.

You have not yet received your letter of introduction to Canada

If you are not yet in Canada, and no longer wish to continue your application for a Young Professionals Permit, you may be required to withdraw your application and receive a refund. This will only be possible if the Canadian government has not produced your letter of introduction for the port of entry.

You can then apply for a new young professional's permit through a new employer.

Young Professionals Permit: how to change employers once in Canada?

The Young Professionals Permit is issued under the EIC (Expérience Internationale Canada) program. It is available to young people from 24 countries (including France), aged between 18 and 35 (30 for some nationalities) and who have found a job in Canada.

Under the Young Professionals category, as this is a closed work permit you cannot change employer if you have a valid reason ⬇️. Your new job must still meet the requirements for the Young Professionals category.

What are the valid reasons for changing employer with a closed work permit? Here are a few examples:

  • You worked for a company that closed down
  • You don't receive the remuneration you were promised
  • Your working conditions are not safe or do not correspond to those promised to you
  • You have been dismissed or laid off

You cannot change employer in the following situations:

  • A different employer offered you a better salary
  • You want to work in a different place
  • You don't like your job or your employer

If you are not eligible to change employers for these reasons, you may be eligible for another type of work permit (outside EIC). other type of work permit (outside EIC).

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Changing employers with a closed work permit (CSQ holders)

If you hold a Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ), you can apply for an A73 (formerly A75) closed work permit with a new employer in Canada. The A73 refers to the exemption code linked to the CSQ, which saves the employer from having to carry out a labour market impact study (LMIS).

Here are the requirements:

  • Currently reside in Quebec
  • Have a valid work permit (PVT, Jeune pro...)
  • Have a valid job offer submitted by the employer on the government's employer platform
  • Hold a CSQ in one of the 2 economic immigration programs for skilled workers or in one of the 3 permanent immigration pilot programs (PP) in Quebec.

The special case of COVID-19 and solutions that are still relevant today


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many foreign workers on closed work permits have lost their jobs. In the case of a layoff, you may be eligible for a change of employer.

Under normal circumstances, any foreign worker with a closed work permit, whose relationship with his or her employer has broken down, is allowed to stay in Canada to find another job only for the duration of the validity of his or her initial work permit. However, to start working for a new employer, they must apply to modify their work permit, and wait for their new work permit to arrive (usually within 10 weeks).

As part of COVID-19, and to make it easier for workers to return to work, a new measure had been introduced on May 12, 2020. Holders of a closed work permit already in Canada who have applied for a work permit modification with a valid job offer, can start working for their new employer WITHOUT waiting for their new work permit to be issued. You will need to apply for a new workpermit via a web form, and wait for confirmation from the Canadian authorities before starting to work for the new employer.

How to modify your work permit in the event of a layoff

  • Step 1: Find a new employer in Canada and have a validjob offer
  • Step 2: Submit your work permit application online
  • Step 3: Complete IRCC web form requesting authorization authorization to start working for your new employer before your work permit is issued. Follow the instructions on this page for the text to be sent specifically (message to be copied and pasted)
  • Step 4: Wait for your e-mail. If your application is accepted, you'll receive an e-mail informing you that you can start working for your new employer.(The e-mail should arrive within approximately 10 working days).

How to find a new employer to change your closed work permit?

At Maplr, we specialize in international mobility and immigration for TECH profiles. We have several job offers available and we can help you change your work permit. 

We work in partnership with many Canadian companies to offer you the job of your dreams. Our partners also share our human values: work environment and methods, onboarding, innovation, salaries... By assisting you in your job search, we help you select a company with a proven track record in hiring foreign workers, and that will enable you to flourish in your life project in Canada. Contact us to find out more!

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