You are planning to move to the largest French-speaking city in America and you are wondering what the cost of living is in Montreal. Perfect! You've come to the right place.

What if we told you that Montreal is THE city for professional and personal opportunities? Indeed ,Montreal is known as a major player in information and communication technologies. The scale of digital technology is such that some Montreal companies are in shortage of computer scientists and developers; a godsend to find your future job ... wellYOUR future job, as we say here 😉

Example of a cost of living analysis in Montreal

Settling down to seize a great professional opportunity is good, but doing so while increasing your purchasing power is even better. Indeed, the average salary The average salary for a developer with 5 years of experience is around 75,000 CAD gross per year, which is more than 17% higher than in France. The same goes for those with more or less experience: the salary in Montreal is far more interesting than in France for tech profiles.

Let's take a look at how much it can cost to live in Montreal in 2022 when you are a newcomer to Canada (you will find at the end of this article an example of a concrete budget of daily life for an expatriate in Montreal).

Summary ?


The charges

Telephony and internet

The races

Leisure activities

Have a drink


Medical care


Montreal is a Canadian city with relatively low prices compared to the rest of the country, although the price of housing varies greatly depending on the area of the island and the size of the house. If you move outside of the downtown core, you can easily find a decent flat or condo for between $800 and $1100 per month (for a 3 ½(for a 3 ½ bedroom apartment in France, a one-bedroom apartment). The same thing in the heart of Montreal will be between 1300$-1500$. You will have to add 20$ per month for your home insurance (minimum coverage).

ℹ️ Note that there is no habitation tax for tenants in Montreal.

If you want to get an idea of where to live, don't hesitate to check out Canada's leading classified ad site : Kijiji. You can also find roommates there. Note that in Montreal, access to property is more accessible than in France and allows you to acquire a home for about $200,000/$250,000 . Here is some advice to find a flat in Montreal as a future expatriate and choose your future neighbourhood.

The charges

Water is free in the city of Montreal, for electricity count 50$ on average for a 3 ½. It all depends of course on your consumption and the insulation of your flat... In winter, the bill may increase a little 😉

ℹ️ Please note that in many new or recent flats electricity is included in the price of the accommodation.

Telephony and internet

Whether it is for a mobile or a fixed line, the packages are much more expensive than in France. The same goes for internet and cable TV packages .A piece of advice, plan on a minimum of 60$ per month for an internet box and to have a correct speed (although this amount can often be included in the rent price depending on the landlords) . In addition, you will have to add 25$ if you want to use cable TV . As far as cellular telephony is concerned, prices are very varied. On average, you should expect to pay 60$ on average for a smartphone package at bell or videotron with unlimited calls and data.

The Tuques Rouges tip:

Koodomobile offers great prices (sometimes even under $50) for a mobile plan with over 10G0 of data!

The races

The average monthly cost of food for one person is estimated at around$500. To get the best prices, don't hesitate toexplore areas less touristy than the city centre. Markets and small grocery shops offer products at very interesting prices . This willlower your average shopping basket. When it comes to shopping for clothes, you will find outlets with discounted branded goods.

The Tuques Rouges tip:

For your groceries, you can check out Costco for discounts on large quantities!

Leisure activities

Living in Montreal also means being able to take advantage of the many activities on offer. In summer and winter, the city often offers free activities for young and old. Here are some budget ideas for the more "classic" leisure activities:

?the cinema

Count 12.5$ for a full price ticket. But on Tuesday nights in some of the cineplexes in the city, it's half price, or 6.50$

?️The restaurant

The cost of a non-alcoholic meal in a "traditional" restaurant is $30 per person. Do not forget to add taxes (15%) and tips (approx. 15%). Count 80$ for a restaurant with a starter, main course, dessert and wine. For fast food, no tip but between 8 to 15$ for a on average for a submarine or a good poutine!

?♂️The gym

A membership in a gym is about 50$/month . But you should also know that in Montreal many flats have a gym directly in the residence and with free use for the tenants!

Have a drink

?a beer in a pub

Montreal is known for its many microbreweries and pubs. The price of a pint varies a lot depending on the day/week and in particular, it will be cheaper during happy hours for 5@7 with colleagues. Prices vary between 5$ and 10$ (plus 1$ tip)

?a drink with friends

You are invited to a colleague's house for a dinner ? As a good guest, don't forget to go to the SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec) to buy a good bottle of wine. It will cost you about 12$. And if you want to bring a pack of beer, count 17$ for a pack of "Bud Light".

☕ A coffee in a bar

A coffee in a bar-restaurant will cost you 2,5$ and 4$ for a cappuccino (it is much cheaper at Tim Hortons ;))


In Montreal, the monthly pass for public transport (OPUS card) is $90,50$ each ticket is 3,50$. For more information, you can visit the STM WEBSITE (Montreal's transportation company)

If you wish, an alternative could be to use a car-sharing scheme (e.g. communauto) or a Bixi.


Medical care

The equivalent of Social Security in Quebec is called RAMQ for Régie d'Assurance Maladie du Québec. It is free for immigrants. As in France, some medical care considered non-urgent is not covered by the Quebec public system. In many cases, group insurance (mutuelle) is provided by your employer. If this is not the case, you can subscribe to a basic private insurance. Here is a full article to help you see more clearly about The health care system in Canada.

Cost of living in Montreal: example of monthly budget for an expatriate

Below is an example of a budget for an expatriate in Montreal:


Recurrent expenditure

3 ½ bedroom flat in the city centre 1300$
Electricity 80$
Insurance 20$
Internet / Television 85$
Telephony 60$
TOTAL 1545$


Daily life

Opus Card 90,50$
Races 500$
5 pints per week 160$
1 traditional restaurant per week 30$
1 Fast food per week 40$
1 Restaurant with friends 80$
2 Evenings with friends 24$
2 cinemas per month 13$

Sports hall


Some coffee (and donuts 😉 at Tim Hortons)

TOTAL EXCL. 1027,50$
TOTAL with taxes (approx 15%) 1181$


Monthly total (recurring expenses and daily living)


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A very attractive cost of living in Montreal

With this example, the housing/going out and daily living budget is approximately C$2,726 per month. An IT Developer with 5 years experience will earn approximately C$75,000 gross per year or C$6,250 gross per month or approximately C$4,346 net per month (the net salary includes the payment of taxes, as they are deducted at source). The cost of living is therefore very interesting in Montreal! We told you about it in this article.

Here is also a site for examples of other expenses in Montreal.

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