Devops expatriate in Montreal : Interview with Aurahan

Aurahan is our first devOps expatriate in the Maplr community in Montreal.

He decided to take the step of expatriation in April 2021 accompanied by his wife, his son and his cat. He tells us about his journey, his integration and his discoveries.

Discover her testimony and her feedback after several months of living in Canada with her family!

Devops expatriate in Montreal since April 2021, Interview with Aurahan

Hello, I'm Aurahan, I'm 27 years old and I come from the Paris area. I decided to go on an adventure 2 years after my marriage and our destination could not be other than Montreal.


What are the reasons for your expatriation to Montreal?

Having already travelled to Canada in September 2019, my wife and I visited Toronto, Quebec, Odanak and Montreal. We enjoyed our stay as well as the the abundance of nature of nature in the area.

Following this trip, we decided to move abroad with our son in 2021 to move to a new way of life in North America.

I'm currently working as a DevOps professional and I'm excited to help the Canadian market evolve.

How was your expatriation to Montreal?

I got to know Maplr on LinkedIn and I contacted them in 2020 to find out more about the expatriation process. After talking to Marion and Maxime, I jumped into the pool!

The licence Young Professional (JP) and the paperwork was done very quickly for my wife, my son and myself despite the period of confinement we were in.

Did you encounter any difficulties during your expatriation in Montreal?

The only downside was the hotel restriction which meant we had to stay in isolation for 3 nights while we waited for our PCR tests at the Montreal airport. This was hard on our little family, as with our 13 suitcases, our cat, our son and my pregnant wife it was not the easiest time.


What do you think of the support offered by Mapl?

When we go far from our native country, far from family and friends, it is comforting to have people to rely on and who can guide you at any time. This is Maplr's role in this adventure.

They are already a head start on the future difficulties we may encounter and help us to anticipate and they help us to anticipate the inconveniences we may experience.

What do you like most about the Maplr community?

The things I could highlight with the Maplr community are the mutual help and benevolence of each other. Many activities are set up so that everyone to develop themselves.

"The things that I could emphasize with the Maplr community are the mutual help and benevolence of each other"

Devops in Montreal

What kind of reception did you get from the Canadians?

The welcome from the Canadians was warm and familial. Not a day goes by without us meeting people who befriend us. We also discovered a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity between neighbourswhich is quite magical, especially after an expatriation.



What do you think of the cost of living as an expat in Montreal?

I find that compared to my home town, most expenses are still much lower such as rent, public transport and some shops.

However, I find that shopping, phone and TV/internet packages are rather expensive.

Note: If you need more information about the cost of living in Montreal, this article is for you.

What do you like most about Montreal?

The greenery and the ease of being able to to play sports at any time is really my favourite thing about this place. The various parks on every corner, the various swimming pools as well as the main sports fields offer the perfect life for a passionate sportsman and a a nature-loving family.

For a Devops expatriate in Montreal, are there any differences with France?

On the pro side, the IT market seems to be equivalent to the Paris region, that said, stress is much less present in Quebec and the work/life balance is clearly established.

What is your favourite neighbourhood and why?

Our favourite neighbourhood is obviously Verdun. We have fallen in love with it, as its cultural diversity and family hospitality offer us for the moment a living environment similar to what we had hoped for. We are quite happy and reassured to be able to raise our boys in a neighbourhood a neighbourhood where life is good and everything is in place for family life.



What are the advantages of living in Quebec for families?

Our son is currently only 11 months old and our second son will be born here in September. 

We haven't had a chance to see what the education system here has in store for us yet, but we're really enjoying green spacesthe parksthe water games and swimming pools pools.

It feels great to be able to enjoy nature so much just a few steps from our house. In any case, our cat is also delighted and has already taken his bearings in our beautiful streets.


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