Top 10 reasons to live in Montreal

Montreal, the most European city inNorth America, attracts many tourists and expatriates every year. Here are the top 10 reasons to live in Montreal. I warn you, you will fall in love!


1- Warm welcome

Despite its 1.7 million inhabitants, the city of Montreal is welcoming, warm and very open-minded. You will quickly feel at home here .

2 - Better purchasing power

In addition to higher wages, access to
ownership is easier and more affordable.
For everyday life, the city is full of good deals at every corner. Don't hesitate to read this specific article on the cost of living in Montreal.



3 - Dynamism

Want to get moving and do some activities? Montreal is full of concerts, festivals and cultural events in all seasons.

4 - Art and culture

Montreal offers the perfect harmony between past, present and future. Its cobblestone streets, historic architecture and modern downtown are combined with its
multiple museums to offer a variety of activities.

5 - The language

A city with North American and Europeanaccents , Montreal is a city
that is completely bilingual. Enough to perfect your English and maintain your French.


6 - The great outdoors

If you are attracted to the great outdoors, you can
enjoy the famous Canadian mountains, forests and lakes just a few hours drive from the city.

7 - Accessibility

Easily accessible from France with

several flights a day, Montreal is
also in the vicinity of cities such as
Boston or New York. Why
not have a little weekend away

8 - Gastronomy

Chips, cheese and sauce, who can
ask for more! Come and discover
your taste buds with the divine taste of Montrealpoutine.
You can even take advantage and enjoy
their excellent maple syrup.

9 - Multiple employment opportunities

Considered one of the best
As one of North America's economic centres, Montreal is home to major industries in the computerandsoftwaredevelopment sector . There is noshortage of employment opportunities .Do you dream of being a developer in Canada? Here is an article that might interest you.

10 - An exceptional living environment

Montreal is a great place to live. Its buildings
and large parks will make your head spin.
A safe and well-serviced city, it
offers its inhabitants comfort and
exceptional tranquillity.

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