Developer in Canada in 2023: why expatriate?

Now that the world seems to have recovered from the pandemic, life is back to normal. Does this return to routine mean boredom for you? You are a developer and you recognize yourself in this speech: an experience in Canada is what you need! In fact, if you have the itch like Arthura Maplr developer in Canada, and you dream of a new adventure: you probably need a change. You only have one life and it's time to live it to the fullest. This article aims to present the reasons why developers are moving to Canada in 2023.

Developer in Canada in 2023: job opportunities

Developer in Canada Montreal park

It's no secret that there is a significant labour shortage in Canada, particularly in the IT sector. In fact, according to the latest Statistics Canadathe ratio of unemployed workers to job vacancies is at an all-time low. The provinces of Quebec and British Columbia have the lowest ratio. This leaves room for interesting job opportunities. Canada is currently turning to the immigration of skilled workers to fill the growing demand.

Several reasons accentuate the need for skilled labour in the IT field. Indeed, the pandemic and the digital shift have generated an increase in the number of positions to be filled. Many job opportunities are found in Canadian cities such as Toronto and Montreal, being important economic centers for technology companies. An important point to note is that it is not only the resume or the diplomas that count for the job search. Companies also pay particular attention to the personality and human skills of their future employees. Since it's not only diplomas that are taken into consideration, opportunities for advancement can be made quite quickly. If you are motivated, work well and show a willingness to progress, you could indeed reach a lead position. Developers who choose Canada in 2023 can therefore be reassured about the job opportunities available to them.

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Developers in Canada in 2023 expatriation

A culture of well-being

Once I get the job, what happens? First of all, the work culture in Canada and more specifically in Quebec is quite relaxed. Let me explain! There is certainly a hierarchy, but it is based based on a horizontal model.

Relationships between colleagues are fluid and the practice of being on first-name terms is common. The work atmosphere is therefore very pleasant. In addition, work-life balance is very important. For this reason, working hours are normally between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. with some flexibility in terms of start time. with a certain flexibility in terms of the start and end time of the work day.

Developer Canada in 2023 work

In addition, especially since the pandemic, telecommuting has become very popular. The hybrid work mode is therefore ideal when you have appointments and you don't want to miss work. You just have to pick them up at the right time. Developers then feel freer in their work and their time management. There is no culture of presenteeism. On the contrary, managers base their relationships with employees on trust. As long as the job is done, there is no point in sitting behind your screen waiting for 5:00 p.m. sharp. And, as mentioned above, since it's not just diplomas that are taken into consideration, opportunities for advancement can be made quite quickly.

Another interesting point is the commute to work. If you move to the island of Montreal for example, you can get away with a 30-minute commute by using public transportation. The vast majority of Maplrs are based in Montreal and come to the office by metro or even on foot!

The salary of a developer in Canada in 2023

Finally, what about the salary? If we compare to France, in 2023 the average salary of a developer was 40 K euros. As for the salary of developers in Canada in 2023, it is possible to estimate it with our salary simulator. It is also possible to compare your salary according to your experience and your country of residence. According to a study conducted in 2019 by Overflowhere are the comparisons found:

Developer in 2023

Canada holds an interesting position in the ranking for developers. What a Maplr, Jonathan, brings up is that even though he doesn't have a computer engineering degree, he manages to get a competitive salary in Quebec. Unfortunately, in France, this was not possible. He also adds that his job is respected for its true value. While in France, the fact that he is approaching 40 years old and is still a developer was not well seen. For him, this is one more reason to love his life as a developer in Canada. By the way, he's not the only one in our community who doesn't have an engineering degree or even a Master's degree. Some people don't have a bachelor's degree and are still on the same pay scale.

All of these reasons led Gael and his girlfriend, who were in France at the time visiting their family, to look at each other and wonder what they were doing there. Canada had become their home and they couldn't wait to get back. They fell so in love that they decided to buy a house. The latter told me that he would not have had the opportunity to buy such a large house in France. Indeed, his girlfriend being a nurse, she almost doubled her salary in Canada, which allowed them both to have a more interesting purchasing power .

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Events for a developer in Canada in 2023

Developers in Canada also have access to an active community of technology professionals who organize events, conferences and workshops to share their knowledge and experience. For example, there is the Confoo, a multi-technology conference with international speakers for developers. In addition, you can join groups such as the Java user group (JUG) which organizes meet-ups to exchange ideas and discuss technological advances. Finally, our Maplrs also organize Talk & Drink on various topics at our offices located in downtown Montreal.

Quality of life for a developer in Canada in 2023 

Obviously, if you are embarking on an expatriation adventure, it's not only the job that counts. If we look at the specific case of Quebec, a Canadian province, there are many reasons that will make you want to live there. First of all, Quebecers are known internationally for being warm and welcoming. Being a multicultural province, tolerance is a must in Quebec and especially in Montreal, a metropolis known for its diversity.

developer canada expatriate

In surveying our Maplrs, one issue came up repeatedly: safety. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, ranking 6th in the Global Peace Index in 2018. We can therefore walk in the streets of Montreal in complete peace of mind. The same goes for the metro which is just as safe.

If you're worried about being bored on the weekends, fear not. There are plenty of activities to do no matter what the season. For example, it's easy to get out of Montreal for a nature hike in less than an hour by car. If you want to stay in the city, there are great parks in every neighborhood to have a picnic or just read a book under a tree. If you are sporty, there are municipal swimming pools accessible in the different neighborhoods of the city of Montreal, basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, etc. and these are free or at a lower cost. And in the winter, why not go to the mountain and do some downhill skiing. Not a sports fan? More of a foodie? You'll love discovering all of Montreal's foodie addresses. In fact, there were more than 5000 restaurants in Montreal in 2020. What's great is that there is something for everyone. As mentioned earlier, the multiculturalism of Quebec is evident in the variety of restaurants located on the island.

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Canadian nature and climate

Canada makes you dream by the immensity of its territory. All these miles are potential places of adventure and discovery. The many lakes, rivers, forests and trails make up the country's breathtaking landscape. The four seasons, which are very marked by the differences in temperature and climate, may seem scary. However, I assure you that you will get used to it. You just need to arm yourself with a four-season wardrobe. Plus, it diversifies the range of activities available to us. Never been snowshoeing, dog sledding or snowmobiling? It will be possible to do it all in Quebec. 

Developer Canada

Proximity to other countries

The vastness of the territory makes it possible to travel across Canada, but also in the United States and South America, for only a few hours by plane. These are other opportunities for adventure that are added to the developers who decide to expatriate to Canada. 

A nice example, a souvenir photo of Tara's trip to Cuba, only four hours flight from Montreal.


Canadian developer

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