What is it like to be a developer in Canada?

Do you dream of being a developer in Canada?

Great passion for code, fanatic of extreme temperatures or vast spaces; all reasons are good to leave and become a developer in Canada, country of caribous and maple syrup!

Like Mathias, Olivier or Arnaudmore and more developers are trying the adventure of expatriation to Canada. And this is precisely why we decided to create Mapl: to facilitate the expatriation of developers to Canada!

Currently experiencing a labour shortage in the IT sector, the country is making eyes wide open for talented French developers.

Do you think you have a taste for adventure and a real talent for computer science? Then why not you!

Discover some of the many benefits of this new life across the Atlantic.


Being a developer in Canada: Working conditions to be envied

It is true that in Canada, it's good to work. Who wouldn't dream of being able to to be on first-name terms with your boss or to be able to go and see him directly in his office without trying to negotiate an appointment with his secretary? Very open to discussion, Canadians are closer to you and the professional hierarchy functions in the manner of a horizontal management.

If you want to work from home, that's not a problem either! The working conditionsare more flexible, allowing you to leave for an appointment or to make up your working hours as you wish. This means that you can regain your freedom and autonomy.

Much less stressful, the general atmosphere of the business world is pleasant. Or you read "pleasant "! You may think it's surprising, but it's true. You will have the opportunity to work in a friendly atmosphere and share knowledge, not in constant competition and anxiety.

If until now you have felt that you owe your current job to your qualifications or level of education, this is not the case in Canada. Your motivation, know-how and skills will be more important in getting your dream job. In addition, many large companies are available for employment on the other side of the Atlantic, for example: Ubisoft, Google, Desjardins, Bell and many others.


An exceptional quality of life

Canada is a social country by nature. Known for its hospitality and open-mindedness, you will quickly feel at ease. Whether you like big cities or prefer wide open spaces and nature, everything is quickly accessible.

Its small neighbor, the United States, also offers numerous travel opportunities. In addition to all these discoveries, there is also a real community that regularly organizes federative events for developers. This makes it easier for our little French prodigies to settle in, which is facilitated by the absence of a language barrier in certain provinces.


Developer in Canada: A great salary for you!

Due to the lack of resources, Canadian companies are willing to invest very good salaries for French talent. French talent earns on average 20% more than in their home country. You will therefore see your standard of living soar ! In addition to this boon, the lower cost of living.

Housing is affordable and for leisure, shopping and restaurants, prices are lower. Promotions fill the storefronts all year round and fast food restaurants offer American, Quebecois, Asian, Italian, vegetarian and other cuisines for less than $10. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of choice! If you are wondering about the cost of living in Montreal (the largest city in Quebec) here is a article which will help you to see more clearly.

Are you convinced of the benefits of your future dream career as a developer in Canada? 

Don't hesitate to sign up to our free support program.

We are here to guide you in all phases of your expatriation to Canada. We facilitate all the steps (job search, visa, relocation...) We help you to realize your dreams!

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