Full Stack Developer: the job description to know everything!

Full Stack Developer: Who is he? What are his missions?

(The masculine gender is used to lighten the text. We speak of developers in the article, but female developers are of course included)

This full stack developer is the ultimate all-rounder. He will be at ease at all levels, whether in Backend or in Frontend.

To be precise, this developer is "full stack", he is able to intervene on "the whole stack", therefore the whole technological stack. 

The fullstack developer does the work that several front-end and back-end developers could do in collaboration. 

With his horizontal skills and knowledge of all technologies, he can take charge of a development project by himself, like a website or an application. 

A Fullstack developer must know his limits, allowing him to know who would be the most appropriate for a specific need in a project.

What are its main missions?


The full-stack dev adapts to the needs of his company or his customers, he can work on all types of projects, site, software or application, to design and configure all aspects: 

    • Front-end : HTML, CSS, JavaScript (especially with a framework such as angular, react, vue.js...)
    • Back-end, database, API (Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Java, Node JS...)
    • Architecture and infrastructure, selection of tools, software, technology, etc.

A full stack developer is a real Swiss army knife, with a multitude of skills that make him the professional of choice for all projects. 

It will be able to handle a large number of tasks: content integration, backend issues, etc. 

With the great diversity of projects on which the full-stack dev is likely to intervene, he must absolutely be able to work in collaboration and know how to adapt. 

Good to know The missions of a fullstack developer can be extremely different depending on the projects he works on. That's why no two fullstack developers are alike in their daily missions!


Full Stack Developer: in which team and with whom does he work?

The full stack dev can and must be able to work independently. He must be autonomous, but he must also be able to work in a team.

Depending on the type of company and its size, the fullstack developer will work with several trades: 

    • Webdesigner
    • CTO
    • SEO Referrer
    • Writer or web integrator
    • Project Manager or Product Owner
    • Lead developer, front-end developer or back-end developer
    • DevOps

Full Stack Developer: what skills and qualities should he have?

A digital project requires many different expertises to be completed. The full stack developer must be well organized, be able to manage his priorities and collaborate perfectly with the other actors of the project. 

The full stack dev is a complete developer, because he knows how to intervene on a part of these technologies and languages: 

      • One or more back-end development languages: Java, Python, PHP, Go, C#, Ruby, Node JS...)
        JavaScript and one (or more) Js frameworks: Angular, Ext.js, Ember.js, Vue.js, React.js...
      • The classic web package (HTML, CSS)
      • A database management system: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB...
      • Some frameworks associated with development languages such as Symfony or Laravel for PHP, Spring or Hibernate for Java, Django or Flask for Python, .NET for C#, etc.
      • A team project management tool like github, gitlab or the Atlassian suite.

Full Stack Developer: what training to become one?

Several training courses are possible to become a fullstack, for example: online training, short and very professional training courses (in 3 or 6 months, Bac+2 or Bac+3 (BTS, DUT, Licence) or a BAC+5 (engineering schools or specialized masters). 

In addition to training, self-taught profiles are increasingly common among fullstack developers.

This is logical, when you know that it is possible to learn entire languages online via training courses like OpenClassrooms or Udemy. 

There are also training centers / Bootcamp like La Capsule, Le Wagon or Ironhack that allow you to learn the basics in web development.

The job of full stack developer is a specialty job, with many skills to have. The more he masters, the more job opportunities he will have. 

To know: the profiles of Bac+2 and +5 level are those which are the most sought after and requested on the market for their complete skills. But it is still the experience and abilities of the full stack dev that will allow him to find a job.


Full Stack Developer: what career path for this professional? 

With several years of experience, successfully completed projects and solid knowledge, the fullstack dev will be able to evolve towards positions of this type:


      • CTO
      • Technical architect
      • Lead developer
      • Technical Project Manager

Full Stack Developer: in which sectors can you work in Canada? 

A full stack developer is often in high demand, whether in startups or larger companies. The more experienced and therefore rarer profiles are the most in demand, some even going freelance.

The fullstack developer can work in several different types of structures, whether in a web agency, in large groups, within IT departments, etc.

In terms of organization, the dev team is often made up of frontend developers, backend developers and one or more fullstack developers who weld together and ensure good communication, in order to propose optimal solutions.

Example The data model communicated between the backend and the frontend usually needs to be reworked in order to work at best on both sides. The fullstack dev avoids this extra workload.


The differences in remuneration can be great depending on the profile, skills, responsibilities, experience, type of company, etc.

But it is clear that fullstack developers have a good level of remuneration in Canada!

The salary range for a fullstack dev in Montreal is :

      • Junior full stack developer: 66K - 75K
      • Intermediate full stack developer: 80K - 90K
      • Senior full stack developer: 85K - 120 K

(approximately, "junior" is 1 to 3 years of experience, "intermediate" is 4 to 7 years of experience, "senior" is 7+ years of experience)


Full Stack Developer: what else can it be called?

The job title "Fullstack developer", like many other web jobs, also knows its multiple variations of names.

Sometimes, these other ways of naming them can give indications of the technologies used, the levels of responsibility or the departments in which they work.

Here are some other job titles that may fit "Fullstack developer":


      • Generalist developer
      • Versatile developer
      • Fullstack web developer
      • Full stack engineer
      • Fullstack computer developer
      • Fullstack computer programmer

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