WHV registration in Canada: follow the step-by-step tutorial!

Article Update Date: December 12, 2022

You don't know what the WHP is? Go to our article: The WHP in Canada, everything you need to know.

Now that you know what the WHP is, here are the steps to follow step by step to register for the pool and perhaps be one of the lucky ones to live an experience in Canada?

Part 1: The WHV in Canada, the registration tutorial

If you are convinced by the WHV and you want to register in the pool to be selected, you are in the right place! In this first part, we present you the steps to follow for your registration in the WHV pool in Canada.

Step 1 of the WHV Canada registration: create your account on CIC (Immigration Canada)

MyCIC is the EIC's unique online interface. You can easily create an account by clicking on " Continue to the EIC"and then " Register"from the MyCIC.

CléGC is the first secure step to create an account. If you already have a MyCIC account, simply log in after clicking on : Continue to the CléGC.


If this is your first time logging in, click on register on the right hand side of the screen.

After this stage, immigration will ask you for a number of personal details to create your account (e-mail, security questions, name, etc.). Once this is done, you can start filling in your EIC profile. Remember your password and user name, they will allow you to log in to your account the next time.


If you ever encounter bugs or any other anomalies while browsing, feel free to delete your cookies/cache from your browser or return via a private browsing page. This tip will usually help you get through all the steps without stress 🙂

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Step 2 of the WHP Canada registration process: completing your EIC profile

This step essentially determines your eligibility for the IEC programme. You will be making your first application to come to Canada. Click on the first option at the bottom of the page:


First, you will be asked for your personal reference code. Select "International Experience Canada" below "I do not have a personal reference code".


You are then asked to answer a series of questions to check whether you are eligible to apply. Here is some further guidance on some of them.


Answer no to this question if your passport was issued in mainland France or Corsica. If your passport was issued in an overseas territory, you will be asked an additional question.


This is the country in which you have a permanent residence address. If you are a French exchange student in a foreign country, your permanent residence is France


If you are doing a WHV or JP, you should answer no to this question. If you are planning to do a Co-op placement, answer yes to this question.


If you do not have a job offer yet, you can answer no to the first question.

For your information, you must have a job offer to qualify for the Young Professionals pool. In the context of a WHV, whether or not you have a job offer will not affect your application.

Therefore, if you wish to apply for the Young Professional (YP) category, answer yes to the first question.

If you have answered all the questions correctly, the next page shows you that you are eligible for the WHV:


Step 3: Registration in the WHV Canada pool

In this last step, you will fill in the information necessary for your registration in the WHV Canada pool.

The EIC profile consists of four sections. You must complete all the fields that make up these sections.

You can check the status of each heading in the "Status" column.

Some information is pre-filled and the boxes are greyed out. They have been filled in automatically according to your answers when you registered for EIC. If any of this information is incorrect you must delete your application and re-apply.

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For your information: You can leave your profile and come back to it later, the information entered is saved automatically. However, please note that after 60 days, you will have to start all over again.


Below you will find additional guidance to help you answer some of the questions.

If you still have difficulty filling out the forms, we advise you to take a look at immigration website or the pvtistes.net website.


This category is especially important for couples who wish to come together. Within the framework of the WHV it is possible to attach your partner to your work permit under certain conditions. These are detailed below here.

The status of de facto spouse means that you have been living with your partner for at least 1 year without a break of more than 3 months.


In this section, fill in the exact information as written on your passport. If your passport has expired you will not be able to complete your application.

If your passport expires in the next few months, you must renew it quickly. If not, the work permit you will be provided with will be for the duration of your passport. We therefore advise you to wait for your new passport to arrive before completing your pool registration.

If you have received your passport after having received an invitation to apply you may contact IRCCto inform them of this change.


This is the last step to be completed before you enter the pool. Depending on the answers you provide, you may be eligible for several categories of the EIC programme.

We advise you to select only one category, the one that suits you best.

Indeed, you have more chances to be selected for the Young Professional than for the WHV for example. Therefore, you close your doors to the WHV, as you will most likely be selected for the YP first.

Once you have completed all the categories, you can click on "Continue". You will then be redirected to a solemn declaration with electronic signature. Take the time to read it, it explains what you are committing to!


Congratulations, you have completed the registration stage of the WHP pool?

From here, you just have to wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

While waiting for the invitation to apply for a work permit, you can apply for your police certificate. You will be asked for it if you have spent more than 6 months in a foreign country (the digital version is sufficient).

Feel free to continue the tutorial with the procedure once the draw has been made.

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