How to write a Canadian CV?

Looking for a computer developer job in Canada?

Congratulations, there are many opportunities of career opportunities as a developer are available to you. However, in the face of competition, you must know how to stand out and put all the chances on your side in order to be noticed. The first step is to write your CV with Canadian specificities. Indeed, the Canadian resume has very specific rules.

Whether you want to write a Canadian CV or a Quebec CV, here are our different tips to seduce your recruiter and increase your chances of getting the Developer job of your dreams.

To inspire you, you will find a free downloadable Canadian developer resume sample.

Canadian CV: experience is key

Unlike French recruiters, Canadians, like North Americans, attach more importance to professional experience than to academic background. You will therefore have to write your CV in such a way as to highlight each of your professional experiences by emphasising your personal skills, which are just as important as your know-how in their eyes.

You cannot therefore simply list your various experiences. You will have to develop them, and highlight your tasks and functions, without hesitating to put a figure on the results you have obtained (percentage, progress, development, etc.).

In order to best respond to the various advertisements, it is preferable to write a specific CV for each job offer, using the company's key words and highlighting the skills required during your experience. You must show that you are the ideal candidate.

Highlight your personal skills and passions

Softskills are highly sought after and valued in Canada. Write down all the experiences you have had in associations, internships, volunteering, or volunteer work, even during your high school years. Don't forget to mention your passions/hobbies, and the trips you have made to Canada or elsewhere in the world.

E.g.: volunteering in your spare time, giving professional trainings or participating in additional trainings, coaching young professionals, participating in competitions, etc.


Should a Canadian CV be written in English or French?

To find out what language to write your CV in, just look at the advert. If it is in French, write it in French, if it is in English, choose English.

Bilingualism is particularly sought after, as most positions require the use of English on a daily basis. Even in Quebec. It is therefore preferable to emphasize this skill by writing your level in English, even if it is a French position.

The format of your Canadian CV

As you can imagine, your Quebec or Canadian CV will be much longer than your French CV. It will therefore not fit on half a page. However, it should not be too long either. The ideal size is generally 1 to 3 pages depending on your different experiences.

It should be smooth, logical and enjoyable to read. You should not jump from one thing to another, but follow a common thread, highlighting the evolution of your skills.

It is important to have an open CV to make it attractive. To do this, keep the different sections separate, highlighting your objective and key skills.


Personal information on a Canadian CV

Unlike in France, where the beginning of each CV includes age, date of birth, sex, marital status or number of children, in Canada it is unthinkable to write them. The recruiter will not look for this information on your CV, but will look for the added value you can bring to the company. Indeed, this information is strictly personal and does not change your professional skills.

Similarly, there is no point in attaching your photo to your CV if it is not explicitly requested in the advertisement. Indeed, your photo does not reflect your skills at work, so there is no reason to attach it.

You may be confused by these changes, which are in total contradiction with our traditional French standards, but the Canadian mindset is different. And it minimises the risk of discrimination.


The "contact" area of the Canadian CV

It istherefore advisable to put your various means of contact at the top of your CV, i.e. yourtelephone number and e-mail address, which must be professional and serious.

As for your telephone number, if it is a French number, do not forget to enter it in international format. That is to say, add the code +33, and delete the first 0.

The list of your references

Unlike in France, where this practice is rarely used, it is customary in Canada for the employer to check each of the references mentioned before hiring you. This makes it possible to verify your background and skills with your former colleagues or employers. It is therefore customary to prepare a list containing their names, functions and contact details, which you can then pass on to the recruiter. These references should not appear on your CV, but be available on request.

You can therefore indicate at the bottom of your CV " References on request " to let the recruiter know that if they are interested in your CV, they can contact you to obtain it.

Be careful to only include people on this list who can speak about your attitude and skills at work.

If you have just finished your studies or have limited work experience, your list can also include the names of teachers who will speak about your qualities and your work.

Equivalencies for a Canadian CV

You should use the following on your resume Canadian terms corresponding to your degreescertifications and positions. The terms are specific to each country.

For example, the Quebec baccalaureate corresponds in France to the Licence and the French baccalaureate corresponds in la Belle Province to the DEC pre-university.

You can also obtain a comparative evaluation of your studies outside Quebec (optional).


Canadian CV template to download

To help you and inspire you, please find a downloadable Canadian developer resume template.

Regarding the form of the CV, do as you like!

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